Why Support Adult-Only Communities?

For some, it’s a terrible truth: some people just don’t want to live near children. Some of these are childfree people who don’t have and don’t want children. Others include retired people who have done their share of child-raising and now want to relax in the quiet of an area where there aren’t a lot of children causing noise and mischief. Despite the rising demand for housing geared towards people who do not focus on children as a big part of their daily life, there is still a lot of tension in the air when the proposal comes for adults-only housing. japanese porn videos

The population of seniors is rising, along with the demand for retirement communities. The U.S. Census Bureau’s 2004 Fertility of American Women report found that 44.6 percent of the women involved in the census did not have children. Many were not expected to go on to have any – by choice. Because of the demand for housing from these two groups, realtors are targeting the childless demographic with smaller homes and more adult-only communities that are priced for retirees and working adults. The response has been significantly negative from pro-family groups and families themselves, who see the rising childfree population and demand for housing that is geared towards childless people as a threat to affordable housing for people with children.


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